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If you are planning to build a Second floor addition in Toronto, you need a copy of the property survey in order to get proper and accurate preliminary  & permit drawings done.

​If you do not have a copy of the survey you can try to search it on

It is important to have property survey, it will show the lot size, easements, right of ways, building locations with distances from the property line and street.

This will give us the opportunity to check the proposed work with the zoning by laws and we can see right away whether you may or may not comply with the by laws or your jurisdiction.

You need to get drawings for zoning review and after, a complete set of architectural, structural and eventually HVAC drawings as well in order to apply for building, plumbing and HVAC permit.

Zoning review is a route where the zoning examiner at the city of your jurisdiction, will check all the regulations, policies and so on.

The results may be positive (in compliance) or not in compliance. If not in compliance there will be issued a zoning deficiency notice.

​If a deficiency notice is issued and you are not able to make adjustment due to the design or what ever are the circumstances, a further step is required.

Apply for minor of variance which will bring you to Committee of Adjustment stage.

We provide all the above services, site measurements, elaborations of professional as-built drawings drawings indicating structural elements, elaborations of architectural and structural drawings and building permit services. A-Z


1. Does the proposal maintain the general intent and purpose of the Official Plan?
2. Does the proposal maintain the general intent and purpose of the Zoning By-law?
3. Is the proposal desirable for the appropriate development or use of the land?
4. Is the proposal minor?

MAJOR FACTORS TO WATCH ARE impactS of the proposed development on neighbouring properties and the neighbourhood as a whole are minor or nonexistent.  The mass and height of the proposed development will not create any significant issues for abutting property owners related to loss of sunlight, privacy or views. The proposed density of the development is similar to or less than the established norms of the neighbourhood.  The proposed development would not create any negative impacts related to access, trees, parking, drainage, traffic or noise.  The proposed development is compatible with the established built form and character of the neighbourhood and serves to improve the affected street scapes.


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